How to choose the right contractor

Posted on November 13, 2012 by zenadmin

If you’re thinking of doing any type of remodeling or construction project on your home or business, it is important to find a skilled contractor that you can trust to ensure the work is done to meet your expectations and fulfill your vision. Even smaller, repair-type projects, like a bathroom or kitchen remodel requires a professional that will give it the same attention as he would a full-scale remodel on something like a basement or home theater project. There are many things to take in to consideration when choosing the right contractor. The tips below can help you find the right contractor for your project. And if you’re in the local Denver area, True North Construction would be happy to answer any questions you may have and share our expertise with you.

Tip #1: Do your homework

Although at True North Construction, we rely on testimonials from our happy customers and other word of mouth recommendations, it’s also important that you read online customer reviews to get a feel of how a contractor has delivered their work to customers. It’s also a great idea to check out a contractor’s websites to see what type of work they perform and to view examples of projects similar to the work you may need done. At True North, we are dedicated to projects of all scopes – large and small – and we are proud to showcase this work. Take a look at our project gallery to see both past and current projects we oversee.

Tip #2: Make a list of questions and check it twice

In an effort to select the best contractor for your project, it’s important to check a company’s references, licensing, procedures and their ability to communicate with you. When looking at a contractor’s specifications, it may be helpful to make a list of questions and make sure the contractor addresses your concerns and answers each one of your questions. At True North Construction, we believe that in order to provide an accurate assessment of the scope of your project, we must survey the property before we make a bid. We want to make sure that our understanding of the project aligns with the vision you have for your space.

Tip #3: Consider hiring a “Green” Company

With any construction project from small exterior work to full-scale remodels on a kitchen or Master Suite bathroom (and every project in between), there is bound to be construction debris that will fill up local landfills. A company focused on the responsible recycling of this debris will reduce the waste by reusing some materials. Also, green companies utilize products and packaging that can help to make heating and cooling a home or commercial space more cost efficient. At True North Construction, we are committed to keeping our products and services green by recycling natural resources. We strive to do our part to keep construction debris out of landfills by recycling the cardboard packaging our fixtures are delivered in. We help our customers keep their projects green by recommending insulation or selecting energy star rated appliances. Depending on your budget, our professionals can use cutting edge construction techniques like LEED rating, and install solar and energy saving alternatives, in an effort to create a carbon neutral footprint for you project.

Tip #4: Consider your options to get the best value

With the previous steps complete, it’s time to select the right contractor to execute your job. Although price can certainly be a deciding factor in your decision, it may not be best to go with the lowest estimate. If one bid is significantly lower for the same scope of work, it’s important to ask why. It’s possible the contractor has not understood your expectations of the project. The same holds true for bids that are significantly higher as well.

Whether you’re planning a huge remodel or have a smaller project in mind for your residential or commercial property, it’s important to complete research on several local contractors, make a list of questions and make sure they are addressed before work is started, consider using a green company and to consider your bids carefully. Our designers and staff at True North Construction are committed to collaborating with you to find creative solutions in an effort to ensure your vision for your space is fully realized.