Denver Bungalow Renovation Specialist

Posted on November 9, 2012 by zenadmin

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True North Construction clients that have purchased a charming Bungalow in Denver usually fall in to two renovation categories. Some people want to fully modernize their bungalow space with updated cabinets, appliances, flooring, and bathroom fixtures – the works. The other category of people relish the period feeling of their bungalow and want to keep the integrity of the space with updated period pieces that increase functionality and maintain its charm. At True North Construction, we pride ourselves on being Denver’s Bungalow Renovation Specialist and see the value of both renovation categories and will work to create your vision. Not sure if you’re a modernized bungalow maven or a vintage bungalow junkie? Read a few renovation examples below to find out.

If you were thrilled that your bungalow had its original kitchen when you purchased it, you may want to keep the look and feel of the space and add updated appliances that work with the period. Toning down the kitchens’ color scheme, using white appliances, and utilizing period accessories can be a great start to maintaining the space’s charm. A larger renovation might include finding period appliances, restoring original light fixtures and purchasing antique hardware for accents.

If the thought of a kitchen with a vintage feel makes you anxious about hosting dinner parties, then you may want to fully modernize your bungalow’s kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, the addition of countertops or an island to create more work space and fully updated and modernized accessories can go a long way to create the updated look you want.

If one bathroom for the entire home seems just right, then you may be a fan of the original bungalow feel. The True North Construction team has a large list of vendors, including the very best plumbing and electrical teams that will make sure your systems are prepared to handle the demands of modern plumbing. We can also recommend a variety of resources for specialty hardware and custom claw foot tubs (a feature of the period) to maintain the look and feel you love.

If one small bathroom with white tile floors, white walls and white appliances leave your space feeling a little sterile, then you may be a fan of a modern bungalow renovation. Pedestal-style sinks and other bathroom accouterments can be replaced with full modern vanities and accessories, walls can be knocked out to create more space and the flooring can be updated to create an updated and inviting space.

Whatever your vision is for you bungalow, the True North Construction team is passionate about creating the space and finding the perfect pieces to create the look and feel you desire. Although some construction companies shy away from such tasks, we take great pride in completing a project to exceed each of our customers expectations. If you have a bungalow in Denver in need of a renovation, please take a look at our project gallery and give us a call if we can help.