Mid-Century Modern Renovations

Posted on November 13, 2012 by zenadmin

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Mid-century modern homes refer to an architectural design built from roughly 1933 to 1965. The style popped up across the United States in the wake of World War Two and is often characterized by clean and simple designs that are integrated with nature and generally boasts structures with lots of windows and open floor plans with the idea of bringing the outdoors inside.

At True North, we have lots of experience renovating these homes with the goal of maintaining their functionality and usefulness. Whether you’re looking for a full-remodel, small-scope renovation, or even just to change up a few areas, we are committed to making your vision a reality. The most common updates our customers want to make to their mid-century modern home are generally for kitchens, bathrooms and exteriors. We understand the materials commonly used during this era and want to help our customers reach their goals for renovation while maintaining some of the aesthetic of the original design.


Kitchens during the mid-century modern era were generally very practical and therefore functional. This straightforward design makes it easy to add or eliminate walls, effectively transforming the space from a simple large room for cooking to a hub where family and friends can gather to share a meal. The original cabinets were generally made of wood and had sliding doors, countertops were usually low and sometimes offered a swing out table and the appliances were often basic steel. Along with adding or subtracting walls, common remodels include upgrading cabinets and even adding counter space in the form of an island to expand the area and provide greater accessibility to counter and cooking space.


Updating bathrooms in a mid-century modern home often tops homeowners priority list. Generally, electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems need to be replaced because they have been in use since the 50’s and have reached their capacity of function. Chrome and brass fixtures, plate glass mirrors, aluminum finishes and even fully pink walls were common features during the time – all of which added to the practicality and functionality of the bathroom. Our goal is to utilize our many suppliers to replace all systems and update bathrooms with modern-day amenities to optimize the space and create an area to your liking.


Usually, the exteriors of mid-century modern homes are attractive and people want to preserve the texture and feel of them. Enhancing the existing exterior or even re-skinning the house with something that aligns with mid-century modern design elements can do this. Adding large glass sliding doors can create the illusion of more interior space by being able to see exterior elements like a garden or terrace.

Owning a mid-century modern home is very exciting. Remodeling your home can be equally as rewarding. True North Construction prides itself on our ability to create art out of wood. Put another way, we see each project as an opportunity to create our customers a perfect piece of art – their home. Feel free to call us to answer any of your questions or provide insight in to you mid-century modern home renovation.